Self-Healing and Self-Empowerment

Group formats, are more like small spiritual laboratories, in which one definitely moves beyond oneself and grows. The joy of experiencing oneself anew, detaching oneself from everyday consciousness and being led into an expanded, higher state of consciousness is a special experience itself.

When beyond that there is the experience that physical ailments dissolve, the state of heaviness transforms into relief and the feeling becomes increasingly lightened. Then one becomes curious how that can happen in such a short time? Who am I really and can transformation also be effortless? How do I become a self-healer?

“If you change your frequency, your life changes.” (Karin Haemmerle)

The reason for various alleviations, are the initiated transforming and higher frequencies that accelerate the healing process enormously and sustainably. Furthermore Karin shows self healers a direct way to “again” experience the healing connection to their higher self and pure consciousness to making it utilizable.  In addition, Karin teaches self healers how to connect to their higher self in their Pure Source to use that healing connection for themselves.

The effect: The regained connection and the healing meditations are a first important step to self-empowerment.

The goal: to experience abundance in all areas of life. Many report that it feels so natural, as if there had never been a before; because abundance is an expression of our true being and everyone can experience it.

MP3 recordings of the frequency healings are included in the price. They are then available for download.

Seminar experience of a MD: “…that people who, like me, want to treat other people, whether physiotherapy, psychotherapeutic, medical, or holistic and so on, should actually see themselves as a mediator.”

March 6th and 13th, 12 – 2 PM PST

Overcome and eradicate Candida albicans overgrowth and Candidiasis

What are the primary causes? Too much sugar and gluten, but also cortisone, antibiotics, the contraceptive pill and environmental pollutants. These weaken the immune system and cause a massive candida overgrowth.

What are the symptoms?
In the foreground of the complaints are bloating and gas, especially after sweet food, diarrhea and/or constipation, which often alternate, cravings, constantly recurring yeast infections, rectal itchiness and alcohol intolerance. Constant iron and zinc deficiency can also indicate an infection. Often you will also see migraines, depression, liver disease, skin changes and joint pain in those suffering with a candida overload.

What is the solution?

A complete annihilation of the candida is required which is a difficult process as most methods only provide temporary relief. It is something that takes A LOT of effort on your part in being diligent to the steps required but the end result of who you will become will be unforgettable. Click below to access this FULL program and change your life TODAY!!

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