Expansion of consciousness through effective frequency changes

“Each society develops a system of categories that determines the forms of consciousness, based on its own way of life and the nature of its relationships, feelings and perceptions.” (Erich Fromm)

Self-empowerment – Self-responsibility – Self-determination

The DNA of every human being determines who we are, but we are much more than a genetic code or physical body. Each one of us has a unique, individual frequency signature that changes over the course of our lifetime. The higher our frequency, the more self-fulfilling, self-determined, loving, free and capable lives we are able to experience.

Karin Haemmerle utilizes her very special, extraordinary abilities to influence and adjust our frequency at the core level, gaining access through permission of our higher selves. She is not a healer, but rather a catalyst and mediator between two worlds, the timeless (Spirit) and the time bound (physical body), bringing them both together to co-exist within this physical reality which is mostly incomprehensible to our mind.  Karin’s removal of discordant frequency patterns that cause discomfort and disease, allows her to incorporate higher, purer frequencies that have a positive and healing effect on all aspects of our being. In this way, she can initiate and greatly accelerate transformation and healing processes, while showing us how to connect to the higher, universal intelligence that exists within all of us. This is how we learn to take control of our lives and become self-healers!

If you change your frequency, your life changes.

Cause and effect

The higher, purer intelligence inherent in Pure Source frequencies act directly on the core level, which is where the cause of painful experiences, suffering and problems lie. Changing the basic core frequency pattern and raising it to a higher level automatically creates a positive and effortless effect on all four levels of existence: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. You now have the opportunity of being able to positively influence your life and change your reality on your own.

“Experiencing abundance in all areas of our lives is our divine birthright. The effects of frequency work feel so natural that many quickly forget that there was also a “before”!” (Karin A. Haemmerle)

How quickly these changes manifest in you and your life is individual and depends on your inner programming. Most individuals are surprised at how quickly and sustainably the sessions bring noticeable improvements.

The individual or group sessions currently only take place via Zoom and can be booked online. The effectiveness of frequencies is independent of present or remote sessions.