The keys to self-empowerment

The procedure and operation of frequency work

“Miracles do not happen in contradiction to nature, but only in contradiction to what we know about nature.” (Augustine)

How does a session work?

  1. The Higher Self – the better version of you

You learn to reset your inner navigation system and take the steering wheel of your life back into your own hands.

The reconnection with our inner teacher and healer, the higher self, is the first step in regaining the lost self-determination. Karin A. Haemmerle can see the higher self or as she calls it, the Spirit. It envelops the body, extends an arm length around above and beyond. Karin can access the frequency signature of your spirit and intuitively sees where burdens, habits and control spaces restrict your life force. She works in the space beyond, which is subject entirely to completely different laws, than those here on earth.

Our focus during the session is to draw attention to our breath, our body, our 5 senses and our surroundings and thus to arrive in the present moment. Because only in the present moment changes are possible. This draws the spirit into the body, because it loves sensual experiences. The more mindful I “study” my body (body scan), the more relaxed I become, open up to my inner world for the connection with my spirit. It then will start to attract abundance, because spirit only knows abundance. I learn to listen (the inner voice) and being guided by my spirit into its higher intelligence. Ignorance or disapproval of the body leads to pushing it out of the body. The consequence: humans feel like victims, overloaded by problems, disconnected, empty or separated.

The actual “healing space” in which the session takes place, is the empty space in which we have access to our Pure Source, the universal, higher cosmic intelligence. It is far superior and aligned to harmonization and adjustment.

What is the Pure Source?

  1. The pure consciousness – the empty space

“Consciousness is not selective. It is the absolute space in which everything happens.” (Karl Renz)

The Pure Source corresponds to pure consciousness, a state that many meditators know. It is experienced as an empty space, as “nothing” (the space between two thoughts) in which a well-being of inner peace and wholeness arises. Many then experience themselves centered, “fully there”, present, with simultaneous relaxation. It is a state of non-thinking, non-judgment and non-evaluation. Here healing happens by itself. Pure consciousness puts things (again) in order, not us, we just have to “allow” healing.

What will Karin work on?

Karin connects with your spirit through her spirit. In combination with pure consciousness, she can increase its frequency and see which frequencies are needed, what needs to be deleted. Once awakened, the Spirit will start to take care of you again. As we scan through the body, we pull it into ourselves, the self-healing powers are activated.

Results of frequency work:

  1. Deleting old and problematic frequencies

~       Resolution of chronic health problems
~       Resolution of physical, emotional and mental ailments and blockages
~       Removal of self-destructive patterns, external energies and control spaces
~       Removal of traumatic and stressful transfers from family lineage
~       Transformation of “heaviness” into lightness and joy

  1. Incorporate new, higher frequencies

~       Increase of self-awareness, vitality and enjoyment of life
~       Stronger anchoring in the present moment, experiencing the emptiness of thought
~       Access to a living, healthy self
~       Activate & increase self-healing powers, accelerate desired results
~       Expansion of inner guidance
~       Experience abundance and increased well-being
~       Connecting to the creative genius within us, elevating intuition
~       Courage to realize and manifest the true dreams of life

Goals of Frequency Work: Self-Empowerment & Self-Responsibility

~       Self-fulfillment in life: Well-being – Health – Enjoyment of life
~       Fulfillment with people: Family – Friends – Society
~       Fulfillment in the job: Company – Success – Career