Karin A. Haemmerle
Frequency Guide, Canada

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Karin A. Haemmerle has assisted thousands of people around the world giving their lives new direction. As a child Karin would be asked to lay her hands on sick people, as many of them benefitted from her special gifts. Over the years, Karin has developed a process that leads to self-empowerment and self-healing. This process goes far beyond any well-known self-help methods. Results are immediate, sustainable and life changing.

She says about herself:

“Instead of having expectations of how things should work, let us simply get into the present moment into the now, and then everything is possible.”

As a child, I had healing abilities and access to supersensory realities, which were perceived as positive in my environment on the one hand, but also problematic on the other. In order to belong and feel “normal” like everyone else, I displaced and suppressed that side of me. In my young twenties I travelled to India, visiting monasteries and settled in Nepal where I opened a successful restaurant renowned for its healing foods. Upon leaving Nepal, I started a family and built a successful business in Calgary, Canada. My world changed drastically when I got the diagnosis of being incurably sick and was forced to change my life completely. As I was dealing with the shock of my dire prognosis, I heard an inner voice telling me I would heal myself. I began to remember and utilize my natural healing abilities I had been born with. Putting my trust in the Pure Source and connecting with my higher self, following my Spirit’s guidance, I learned to heal myself, overcame my illness, and assisting others with self-healing became my calling.

Since 1993, I have been assisting people in activating their self-healing powers. I am not a healer and I do not heal with my powers. Through access to superior and supersensory realities, I am a catalyst and mediator for higher, purer frequencies that come from the Pure Source. These frequencies assist in bringing about accelerated fundamental changes in all aspects of life: physical, mental, and emotional health, all aspects of success, relationships, career, finances, spirituality, etc.

I have gained access to insight and knowledge by going into deeply intense meditations that are dreamlike states, in which I am totally awake and fully aware of my surroundings. I was both thrilled and fascinated as I saw the incredible potential that lies within in all of us. My work is not religious based, and it does not belong to any school or teaching method. It is based on Spiritual experience and the impact is best explained through quantum physics.

Due to my inquisitive and scientific nature and wanting to get into and understand the detail of the details, my healing abilities have continued to steadily and consistently expand over time. This continues to amaze me and defies explanation. As a result, my sessions have become more intensive and effective, producing lasting results in a very short time.