Personal Sessions in a powerful group format (Max. 9 participants)

Everyone who has already worked with Karin and got to know these group formats, knows how transformative and magical it can be. As Karin’s abilities continue to expand, self-healers can look forward to these new sessions.

Process: The session starts with identifying issues and what support is needed. Meanwhile Karin begins already to work on each participant through duplicating her higher self.  This paranormal phenomenon can lead to skepticism. That would be comprehensible because our mind cannot really understand what is happening in the spiritual, invisible world that operates under different laws then those in this reality.

This ability of duplication enables her to work on all spirits at the same time while individually, which the participants also report back as their experience.

She connects and bundles all of our potential of pure frequencies to a “Mastermind”. Through that increased intelligence of our higher self, that is not accessible through our minds, can therefore be more effective, which overall accelerates the healing and clarification process for all. This is the special personal advantage of these group formats. Throughout the following guided group meditation everybody can go deeper into their issues, expand into their spirit space and ask their higher self questions. Some report prompt and helpful answers. The session ends with a short follow up.

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“Even though there were other people in the session, I felt my questions and needs were considered and worked on. It was as if the healing was turbo-charged so that we were all bewildered and amazed about what just had happened.”

“A very intimate powerful format, I can only recommend it. It guarantees by no means lesser results as a single session, rather even the opposite. It has the potential to be substantially faster, penetrate into deeper levels and in these group always lies a secret that works for everybody.”

“Powerful, strong and concentrated frequencies are such a beautiful feeling being carried deeply into myself. Simply wonderful! Many heartfelt thanks also for your words, so valuable”.

“Whatever has happened it feels so good, safe and secure to be connected with the Pure Source.”