Experience of my remote healing program with Karin A. Haemmerle


For the past five years I have endured a consistent pain next to my spine in my chest area, extending into my shoulder and neck, causing migraines.


I had long suspected that this was related to my heart and this was clearly confirmed during our first session. This area was initially very painful and Karin asked me to breathe and exhale into that area, imagining that the heavy and dense energy was flowing through my feet into the ground. As I did this the pain immediately disappeared, and I then felt heaviness and sadness in my heart. I had a little cry and kept breathing consciously. As Karin continued to work on me, that feeling started to dissipate and joy started to spread in my heart like I have never experienced before. That feeling stayed with me the whole evening and I slept deeply that night.

For the past at least 20 years I have also suffered from irritable bowel and irritable stomach with all the symptoms, which were especially bad if I felt mentally unstable. These conditions also disappeared very quickly and I changed my diet without any effort – by myself. Karin gave me great recommendations about what my body needed and what was healthy for me. Through my own willpower I had tried to change my diet for years – but that never worked. Working with Karin this change happened naturally, with ease and joy.


I recall this first session so vividly because of the immediate, dramatic change from how I had felt before. In subsequent sessions we dissolved other blockages and I experienced the increase of easy flowing energy.


I am a medical doctor and it is exciting for me to learn how this pure energy works – I’d like to integrate it into my profession.


During the last two weeks a lot of things have changed that I feel are direct results of working with Karin. In the first week I had two nights with difficult dreams and feelings that haunted me. Feeling drained and powerless – what a tremendous detox I experienced – especially in the first week I found myself getting tired earlier in the evening. I understood that being connected to such high energies / frequencies would shake up the blockages, pain, density and heaviness and knew that that this was a natural part of the process. In the second week I felt very good and found that it was easy to work through difficult psychological situations. I felt great strength as pains dissipated quickly after I had dealt with them. I have the impression that they appeared whenever I started to fall back into my unconscious state. I experienced a kind of foggy feeling in my head or dizziness appeared if anything was wrong – a warning sign that I was letting myself be pulled back into the movie (monkey mind). I am grateful for this as it keeps me from falling back into a deep sleep. The increase of my own energy level obviously changed things in my personal environment. Here too Karin supported me, especially my relationship with my 12 year old son and his father, whom I have been separated from for years. When I connect to my higher self and am more and more in the now, I know what to do and say in each moment. I don’t have to act strategically or otherwise in different situations, but have complete trust in my connection to the highest, purest energy and in my wise higher self. I have had this experience sometimes before, but didn’t understand it like I do now.


I am very thankful for my experiences with Karin, I have the feeling that new pathways have been opened up for me – which I have been seeking for the last few decades.


W. Burckhardt, MD, Germany