Overcoming Ulcerative Colitis


In 2010 I started having issues with my colon. It was like a slap in the face for me! I felt myself to be on the right track with my health. I ate well, exercised regularly, I am not overweight. Thinking this was something I should not ignore I went to my family doctor. Who referred me to a specialist. I had my first colonoscopy 2 months later. Was told I had ulcerative colitis. Which to this day I have not claimed! For the next 2 years I was on medication, 4 pills daily, nightly suppositories and 2 more sigmoidoscopies. Other than the inconvenience of all day bowel movements I still felt healthy, yet this was not something I wanted to live with. I started once again looking outside the box. I went to a naturopath whom I worked with for a few months, changing up my diet trying different pills. No change. I went off the medications, tried lowering the dosage prescribed by the doctor. Nothing was working. I can’t say it ever got worse over the 2 years, but it Never got any better. Once again I felt stuck. I wanted to open the doors to look at different opportunities. Through recommendation I started a week-long distance program with Karin soon after.

My week with Karin was life changing for me in so many ways. With Karin’s guidance she has helped me give myself the greatest gift. My Health! By our 3rd session I had made my choice to go off all medications. I no longer felt my body needed them.


​ ​What I spent 2 years doing with no results in 5 days transformed my whole being. It has opened up possibilities for me that I have had to put on hold, the ability to travel to third world countries for one. It may seem like something small to others, but no longer having to worry about being close to a toilet is truly a gift!

I look back now as to what the doctor said. This will be something you will have to live with forever and may change for the worse. I am so grateful I chose to not claim this.


Thank you! Thank you! Karin


In Love and Gratitude Always


Tish xo