“Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality that you want and you cannot help but to get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” (Albert Einstein)


Karin Hämmerle was recommended to me by a good friend. On her website she writes that a change of frequencies is different than energy work and that the changes are permanent. That made me curious. One and a half years ago I attended my first seminar with her.  Since then I have attended a total of four seminars and participated in the 21 Day Group Healings several times…


The weary faces and my prejudices

Looking back I realize that I was very prejudiced when I participated in my first seminar. I not only judged the participants with their weary faces, carrying the burdens of their lives, but I also felt an aversion to Karin, her voice and the prospect of getting anything new or different from this experience.


Standing meditation – uncomfortable and unfamiliar

Karin’s seminars consist of several guided meditations, where she duplicates her spirit, which allows her to work on each participant as well as the group. In these meditations, Karin encourages participants to stand, which I found both unusual and uncomfortable. This also added to my negative attitude and continued to feed my pain body through the day.


My first experience – the liberation of my heart

I found myself wondering why I had been so stupid as to spend my Sunday in this way, when suddenly a sharp pain entered my heart. It was a pain I had felt before but not paid attention to. Because it appeared so suddenly and so violently and to such an extent, it was immediately clear to me that this pain was related to my negativity and my beliefs and that Karin was assisting in clearing it out, purifying my heart. As quickly as the pain had started, it began to resolve itself, and to this day has not occurred again. When the pain left my prejudice and negativity went with it. Since then, I fully appreciate the people in my environment and connect with them in a warm and humorous manner, heart to heart.


Tired faces shine like after a long dream vacation

As the seminar continued I noticed the faces of all the participants start to change. Everyone’s face shone as if they had just returned from a 3 week vacation newly in love. It is a beautiful light that radiates from the inside out. After I noticed this incredible change in their faces, any doubts I had of Karin’s abilities were gone. As I went through the same experience, my point of view on the other participants of the seminar changed as well – I went from having no interest in them or who they were, to being open and curious regarding these now exciting people around me. I wanted to spend time to learn about their life stories. While I had done nothing except to sit on a chair, or to stand during the meditation, I did notice that I was in a very powerful meditative state and reached a depth of release and relaxation I had never previously achieved in any prior meditations.


Worries and existential fears begin to dissolve

During the seminar, one of the participants remarked that she had become more successful in her businesses since working with Karin. This idea appealed to me, but I wondered, is that really possible? My professional life was unsettled at this point in time. I was finishing up a fixed term employment and looking at the prospect of becoming self-employed, if I was unable to find a long term employment. All my phases of self-employment had so far been accompanied by financial worries and no time to enjoy my life. I had already begun sending out applications looking for permanent work prior to coming to the seminar.  After attending the seminar, things began to emerge quickly, and I started to entertain the thought that I could travel at the end of my current employment and spend some time working on a book project. Because my financial anxieties and existential fears began to dissolve, I gained the freedom to explore other possibilities.


New orders, just so…

When my job finally ended, I was given the opportunity to work part-time. After further seminars with Karin, in just a few months, business started taking off. Without advertising or having a website, I am continuing to receive orders, as well as raise my prices for my services. Even though I have no time for my book project at this point, I am working on many exciting jobs, love what I do and also have time for my personal life as well.


Social relations and partnership

Prior to attending this seminar with Karin, I had been estranged from my family, especially my older brother, whom I previously considered malicious and reckless. Even though I did not bring this issue up with Karin, nor try to make amends with my family, my relationship with them started improving. My older brother showed a completely different side and now my time spent with him is fun, relaxing and harmonious, which prior to this would not have been possible. I have become stronger and more independent while my relationships have become more warm, intimate and sympathetic.


Appearance, charisma and physical well-being

From the very first seminar there was a massive improvement in my overall physical and mental well-being.  Since that very first seminar, I have continued to improve in my physical appearance, my relationships and my health and emotional well-being. This is confirmed when I see myself in photographs and in the way people respond to me. I am more open and humorous and my encounters with others are simple and profound and always on a positive level. In the past year and a half, my life has become full of laughter, joy and warmth.


Is Karin responsible for all these changes?

I know not sure whether I can attribute all of these positive changes to the work with Karin, but because I didn’t change anything else in my life, I realize that her work had a very large share in it. I don’t know how or why, but many things in my life have changed in a wonderful, positive direction. Each of the listed effects on my life, is its own little miracle. I have benefited greatly from Karin’s work, as many of the changes happened effortlessly, and continue to remain permanently noticeable. 


Greedy for life

I am so grateful to be able to put it in words to my experience with Karin. I have a renewed curiosity on life and am looking forward to her upcoming seminars. Who knows, maybe I’ll get an even better version of myself.


Other participants experience Karin’s work

The home page on Karin’s website has many experience reports, ranging from cures of severe diseases, significant improvements in relationships and sexuality, overall well-being and economic success. I have heard the same from acquaintances, who I referred to Karin, they all have experienced great improvement in different areas of their life, quite simply and easily. Having known and worked with Karin over the past year and half, my initial skepticism is completely gone and I am just thrilled with the results.

Thilo, Berlin