“Energize success” – when I heard these words a year ago, they inspired me. Until that time, I had only linked success with hard work. My professional activity was characterized by subliminal structures, suggestions and belief patterns like “No pain, no gain”, “Business before pleasure”, or “Only those who work hard are successful”. And let’s just look at finances: every financial high was followed by a low…this sphere was characterized by “I can’t really expect or ask for more, etc.”, “First the others, then I’ll take what’s left over”. As I write this, I still remember how stressful it was. Extra work at night was the rule, because it was never enough-in my own eyes, I was never good enough. So it was taught to me, so I was conditioned. To always have everything well under control.

Yet even the words “energize success” had something light and vibrant about them, something that reminded me of phases in my childhood or of phases in which new doors simply opened when I didn’t know how to go on and gave up all control. Today, things have changed completely. Karin was and is my guide on this path, which I, full of gratitude, follow with her.

Karin showed me how I could connect myself ever more deeply and, especially, more lastingly with the potential of all possibilities. The more these old structures broke down and transformed, which is to say changed, on the personal level as well as the professional, the more I found exactly the right people at exactly the right time, exactly the right real estate for the perfect price, exactly the right impulses and exactly the jobs that I could work on effortlessly. I was more “visible” and more “magnetic” for things that were really important and other things, apparently unimportant, dissolved with pleasure. Of course, in addition to three children and house and home, there was still a lot of work, but who would have thought that in this way, my company turnover had tripled? It is like magic, and yet so real. As I go farther along this path with Karin, I expand myself constantly, because the field of possibilities is endless.

Self-employed mother, Berlin, Germany



Two years ago I was at the bottom. I wasn’t able to work due to a car accident, I had to sell my house to pay for my expenses, and I had taken the remainder of the profits from the sale of my house to invest in starting a business and had my business partner invest it behind my back and lose all of it. A year later when I finally got to a point where I thought I could manage working again I started sending out resumes. I ended up sending out over 100 resumes, not a single response, not even to say they weren’t looking anymore or that I wasn’t qualified. I’ve never had difficulty finding a job prior to this. When the website I was using to search for positions shut down I realized that there was something not right, something that I wasn’t seeing. I asked Karin to work with me and after this program I was feeling much better and I was offered a job at a large and prestigious company. Even though I was 10 years younger and much less experienced than everyone else working there, within months I became the #1 salesperson in Canada, with record breaking sales. I keep working with Karin and continue to grow and expand. I now own my own business on the side, where I am creating passive income, and am looking at a job change as I have outgrown my position. I have the ability to move into management with the company, however, the stress and the extra hours aren’t the lifestyle I’m looking for and opportunities that are even better are presenting themselves. I changed my frequency, which forever changed my life and I am so grateful. What else is possible?

S.F., AB



Since recently working with Karin around abundance & prosperity the shifts I am witnessing & experiencing are incredible! I am able to guide others into greater depths of their process as I have deepened into mine. I am also aware of the steady stream of new clients & the deeper layers being removed so I am receiving internally & externally in an expanded way. I feel challenged to put this into words for it?s so beyond concepts or ideas it truly feels like freedom beyond the freedom. All I know is my clients are receiving more powerfully & I feel in the flow, an ease in my life that is transparent and connected to the divine energy in a greater, more expanded way. Thank you Karin for being an amazing guide & a powerful conduit to pure source, I am eternally grateful to know you 🙂
In gratitude, L.P., BC



A few months ago, I felt like I was in a rut. I was really struggling with a few of my difficult co-workers, I had worked to the point of burn-out in my job, there was no time off in sight for me with a busy year ahead and relationships in my personal life started to give me challenges as well. I was dissatisfied, tired, no longer engaged in my job and I actually considered resigning in order to get the time off I so badly needed. Because I have had so much success working with Karin in the past, I decided that before I make any decisions, I would schedule a session with her to get better connected to what it is that I want and need in my life.

After one session with Karin, I decided to join the 21 Day Healing Group in December. I listened to her meditations daily and really focused on looking after myself in every aspect. I started to trust that everything would work out in the way that it was meant to and I gained a lot of confidence in myself. Everything started to change in my life. I noticed that the difficult co-workers seemed different, easier to get along with, better to work with in groups and I was not observing the same tension that existed before. I had a conversation with my manager before I went home for the holidays, he thanked me for the extra work I had done in 2013 taking on several new projects, and he gave me a week off to take a vacation in January and a generous pre-payment of my bonus! The first two weeks of January went incredibly smooth, I was on the road to different locations instructing training sessions for our sales team and everything went perfectly. I had an amazing holiday in the middle of the month and came home to discover that the rest of my bonus had been deposited into my bank account which in total, ended up being 20% of my annual salary! At the end of January, during my performance review, I learned that my salary will be generously increased this year and I will have many more opportunities to learn and grow, starting immediately!

I have continued to listen to Karin’s meditations regularly and amazing changes keep happening in my life! Relationships in my personal life are better than they have ever been, I am looking forward to all of the new projects at work this year and I feel ready to face any challenges that may appear. I would highly recommend working with Karin. It has made an incredible difference for me at work and in my personal life.

S.S., SK