Due to my car accident and a work injury my body has incurred so much pain and continued to get worse with pain over the last 6 years. My body was so wrecked that every professional told me having a baby would be the hugest pain on my body as it was not ready to carry a baby.


I have been working with Karin for the past week now and already it has had a huge impact on me as far as helping my pain that is slowly fading away and is becoming a memory. Parts of me that I thought would never feel normal again are normalizing, blowing my mind away as I thought I would have to deal with it forever. My body has been repaired so much now that I am able to start a family!! As well I can start going back to the gym and living my life the way I used to and even with more love and joy!


And a year later look at us now!









Karin thank you so much,


Shannon, Kamloops, Canada