How working with Karin A. Haemmerle helped me change my life 


I am one of those people that had it all – a beautiful wife, great kids, a terrific home and an income that supported, by all external signs, a very comfortable and desirable lifestyle. There was one important thing missing of which I was totally unaware – I was entirely asleep. I was disconnected from myself and everyone and everything around me. I was a man of no convictions. I‘ve travelled to many wonderful places and seen incredible things in our beautiful world – but I honestly can’t recall a moment throughout that time when I was truly present. And I lost it all.


It was completely devastating and debilitating on every level – emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially. I was so thoroughly and completely crushed I was convinced I didn’t have the strength to start over again. Embarrassed and ashamed, I felt like a complete failure – undeserving of any goodness this life had to offer. My world became dark and small, and I simply wanted to fade away – never to be a burden to anyone ever again.


I didn’t understand that I was so deserving and so loved, that I was blessed with one of the greatest gifts we can received during our journey – I was awakened. To be clear, Karin didn’t ‘save’ me and she can’t ‘save’ you. She’s a very rare person that possesses extremely unique insight and endless empathy, with a vast knowledge and an incredible talent to help facilitate your healing.


Karin’s goal is to move you to that place of independence and self sufficiency as quickly as possible. As for my own progress – I’m literally just about to move into a house with my children once again. I’ve acquired a job that gives me great satisfaction and I’m making a good salary. I’m involved in activities that connect me with others and I share my knowledge and experience whenever and wherever it is requested. I’m out of the darkness and in the light – connected and building my new life on a strong and truly meaningful foundation. And I will continue to stay connected and work with Karin for, as her insight and knowledge grows, I will continue to learn and grow and help others.













Robert,Vancouver, BC, Canada