Case of the Psoriasis-Parasitic-Scabies.  (Psoraticabies for short)

At the beginning of July I returned from Asia with my left shin very itchy. It was getting more and more itchy about 4 weeks prior to returning to Canada. Once I got home it started to spread rapidly, from on leg to the other, then to my arms, then my right thigh. I got concerned and went to the doctor. He sent me for every blood test known to man…and concluded that I am healthy…but have Psoriasis .I did not think it was psoriasis…so I started to investigate. I decided I had scabies. It fit perfect as to the symptoms I went back to the doctor as it was now spreading to my stomach, shoulders and back. He agreed with my diagnosis. I was again sent for more tests and was given some cream. I started my own course of action a well. There were some changes, and at one point I thought I was gaining some ground in the battle…but a few days later I realized I was not. Now I was getting depressed, I knew I could not travel like this, but I make my livelihood by traveling.

Just when the worst was happening and I was in a depression I received a call from Karin. She immediately put me into program. It helped immediately. The body did not change much, but my mental wellbeing improved almost immediately. By the second day, I could already see and feel some changes. By the 5th day, I had noticeable improvements on my body, much less itching, and the scaling on the stomach was healing and falling off. I stopped doing most of the things I was doing in attempt to cure myself…it was not working anyway.

Now after about 7 days, I am so happy to say that, if you looked at me, you may not notice that my body was even ravished by rash and scales. Better than that, I am not going crazy with itching. The one thing I failed to mention was my mental state. I was actually considering jumping off a bridge. If I had to put up with this all the time, I could not do what I do for a living any more…why live. This is why I mentioned the mental wellbeing improvement. Today is my best day yet. And, I know it will only improve.