Life times of fear and inertia are literally draining out of me.  This is a new reality beginning to form and all I appear to need to do is just to notice what I notice…


I SO appreciate your energy and tapping into the divine source with you as we are cradled in the love that is always there for us all.


Today has been better, less pain, feeling freer, open space in and around my body… Our grace through all of this lies in the fact that we are conscious, that we are waking up.
I just live in ongoing amazement that I have the honor of being part of this…


Karin’s Healing Wandering Energies program has given me a new found freedom and control over my life that I have never felt before. I am finally able to distinguish between what energy belongs to me and what does not..  I am now able to keep what is not mine out of my spirit and physical space.


I am on the fast track to higher frequencies.  I am being rearranged on a molecular level.


Thank you for this, I am very much enjoying my participation in the group healing session.


After this healing I could read the small print, I was moved to tears, thank you so much!


I was able to see myself from spirit space in this healing, what a wonderful experience!!!


Wow what a fantastic trip, can I purchase more tickets? – and all without luggage!


I feel so connected to my husband now, on a much deeper level, just amazing to both of us.


Already a week after this healing my business is the best ever in 7 years, almost unbelievable, thank you so much Karin!


After the healing I just stopped smoking, I have been smoking for 30 years!


Before this healing my pant size was 14, 2 weeks later size 12, another 2 weeks size 10, now I can fit size 8, shifting the weight to the areas needed, and eliminating in those areas of overabundance, without any effort or dieting. Now another month later I fit into a pant size 6!!!


After the beauty program with you my coworkers asked me if I had a facelift!!!


My sex drive returned and I feel like 25 again, but I am 56, thank you, my life is getting better and better.


How is this possible? Nobody believes that I am a grandmother, lately I am told that I look like 30, but I am 53!


I feel so alive like never before, all these health issues are just shedding off me, the chronic pain has just disappeared, thank you so much Karin!!!


Wow I feel soooo much better after this workshop, thank you so much.


I have to tell you, since our session I have more energy than I ever had. I go to the gym and work out so hard and I can’t seem to wear myself out. The strangest thing is it doesn’t matter how much weight I lift or how hard I work out I am not stiff and sore the next day. I can’t seem to make myself sore haha. It’s wonderful.


Omg, I have felt so amazing since the (one!) session with you yesterday, so much more energy and less anxiety. I was taking 3-5 Xanax a day for anxiety and yesterday I took 0 and was so happy. When I was eating breakfast (couldn’t eat for the last 2 weeks) I broke down crying because I just felt so relieved and so much lighter like 500 lbs. was taken off me. Thank you so much, I am so happy. I can’t believe what a drastic change I’ve experienced!


I feel my spirit with me all the time and it is so comforting. Thank you Karin! You are a beautiful person and I feel so fortunate to have heard about you, and even more so for connecting with you.


The 40 Minute session was fabulous, the energy went from complete chaos to loving and peaceful and calm… I feel much more connected. Thank you Karin, I just loved this amazing healing.


It’s like I woke up from a deep sleep filled with nightmares and now am still rubbing my eyes trying to understand this new reality. It was all just like a bad dream and life starts now!


Your meditation and session created something very beautiful for me. For the first time I could stay relaxed, quiet, factually and sympathetically with a specific person and their regular attacks, and maintain my position. I love that and see it as a practical result of our session.


I thank you for these added possibilities to expand into my true self! I feel extremely blessed and abundantly gifted and life is wonderful as it expands!


The improvement in our daughter is unbelievable! She has turned around a total 180 degrees, and we can’t believe it! She is a nice normal interactive teenager now, she’s engaging in conversation with us, not rolling her eyes, and she rarely says ‘no’ when asked to do something. We are just so happy!


Rob is doing great!!!! Also I feel much calmer since you’ve worked with my husband, and less ‘scatterbrained’!


I went to bed much earlier than normal after our session, and when I woke up this morning everything seemed bright and new and refreshed! My husband and I sat together before the kids woke up and we talked, it was very nice.


Oh my, to say my life has turned into anything but amazing and phenomenal would be a lie. I am just amazed at the person my spirit is bringing out in me. I am so grateful and every day, every minute of every day is wonderful to be consciously alive…


I just wanted to tell you that I’m feeling so much better and have way more energy. I went for a bike ride around the block and I didn’t get winded. I need to tell you how much I appreciate you. I can’t wait to connect again for the next seminar.


About my sleeping, you are amazing…. I wake just to flash and back to sleep for at least 7 or 8 hrs. No words can THANK-YOU enough!!! I love being connected to you!!


I feel very happy and relaxed at the same time and my mind feels clear and I also feel like I am in present time more! A friend was looking at me and said, have you done something different with your hair or anything?? I said no why? He says I just got to tell you that you look 10 years younger or maybe even 12. Wow!!!


Our daughter is doing awesome! She seems to be doing great in school as well and seems to have everything ‘handled’.  She is very much a normal teenager now, or maybe even a little easier actually.  She also seems to be wanting to be a little more organized than usual and that is just awesome.


I have relied upon a GPS to get me where I need to go for years now.  As soon as I got to the first exit I said ok spirit is this where I get off. Did not feel the pull, so I kept going.  Second exit same scenario no pull, kept going. Third exit I felt the pull and the very first intersection I came to was the exact street I was looking for.  I was absolutely blown away and now I realize even more how important it is to get out of my own way.


We did your meditation last night. We both felt so good. My wife has been getting a very good sleep last night and after our session. You are a wonderful gifted person and I have really enjoyed and benefited from our sessions together.


My uncle suffered a severe stroke. Just spent some time with him, he is way more responsive today, after one session with you, opening his eyes and moving all his limbs. He is doing so much better already. Thank you so much for all your support. Also wanted to add his CAT scan went well this morning no new bleeding in his brain and they took him off the ventilator today.”


Now I understand what you meant by there will be more and more… My whole old being is sometimes totally gone – I then feel no more worries. At the most irritations as you so beautifully call it, and it just dissolves.


My spirit is so expanded, that those who know me and know what I’m doing, suddenly thank me for the energy boost… I am coming much closer to the 24/7 connection :-))) and indeed feel that nobody can fool me anymore. It all just looks more transparent. You told me several months ago and I didn’t even know what you meant…


All clients describe that they feel like their body dissolves – all becomes one and melted with everything, connected, inside and outside… It is so wonderful.


The Supercharged Experience keeps unfolding.  I am now fitting into size six pants and at a recent health screening, my body mass index was normal (for the first time ever!), my cholesterol levels were normal and so was my blood sugar.


After our session I just stopped smoking!!! I have been smoking for 43 years… Something just changed; it had NOTHING to do with willpower…


Since the session I’ve felt much better, and have noticed an increase in social ability and an all-around less tense atmosphere.  The sleep issue has improved quite a bit as well.  I would say overall I feel a lot more peace of mind and an overall ability to focus on tasks at hand.  


We are both doing good, I’m 12 weeks pregnant 🙂 and Tyrell has improved in his sleeping habits, he’s been sleeping throughout the night (he was waking up several times before and doing lots of sleep talking/nightmares), he hardly sleep talks now. 


I have always had chronic back pain but most of all, my right hip has always hurting. When I was 10 I started going to chiropractors regularly (every month) and at age 16 I added in massages into the mix monthly. About 3 years ago I stopped that treatment because I never saw any permanent relief. When we met Karin she knew that I had a chronic pain with my hip right away, during our session there was a lot of things that Karin mentioned that were very interesting. But after I had ZERO pain I mean ZERO. After 20 years with chronic back and hip pain I walked out feeling amazing.