Hello Karin,

I am Elisabeth and I have had Parkinson’s for more than six years.  I am very interested to get to know the self-healing power.  Birthdate June 27, 1961.

My symptoms: Poor mobility #6, Very limited flexibility #5, Uncontrollable shaking #4.

I would love to meet you personally when you are in Hanover on your seminar tour.

In joyful expectation.




Dear Elisabeth,

I will be in Hanover on May 10th and am able to see you for a personal session.  Can you come to my hotel at 11:00 a.m.?

I am looking forward to getting to know you and will pick you up at the reception area.

Love and Light,



Hello Dear Karin,

Now I am ready to report after our personal session in the hotel.  I am well.

The meditation healing was the most amazing, joyful and loving experience, something I had never experienced before, something was lifted off me.

When you asked me if there was anything in this moment that I needed, I said no.  But when you asked me was there anything I am missing, I said yes, Kale, my husband.

Walking back into the reception area where Kale was waiting I couldn’t believe how much my walking had improved. I saw the surprise in Kale’s eyes and I think his jaw dropped when he saw me walking in.

I said look Kale my shaking has almost disappeared, holding my arm forward we noticed the shaking was reduced to just the lower arm instead of the whole side of my body. And I said: “Kale, Karin said the same thing as you have always told me, just let it shake Elisabeth and Karin added, notice what you notice”.

Thank you dearest Karin.  With loving regards,

Elisabeth and Kale


Hello Karin,

Can Elisabeth have a Skype session with you at your earliest convenience?

Loving regards,



After 1st 30 minute Skype session:


Hello Dear Karin,

Now I can report.  I am very well.  My super amazing state after our Skype session remained for two days.  Then we went for four days to the east sea with friends.  We had long evenings, talking, eating, drinking and…dancing.  Yes, you read correctly, dancing.  Every evening I had at least one dance with Kale.  Until lunch in the morning my walking was not so great, but always improved as the day was going on.  Fantastic!

I thank you and would like to set up the next Skype session for July 10th if that is possible.

Loving regards from Kale and me,



After 2nd 30 minute Skype session:


Dear Karin,

I want to thank you today again for everything that you have given me until now.  After the 1st Skype session, we went for holidays and I was feeling like new, which our acquaintances confirmed, seeing me again after a year.

I went shopping by myself, not like the last three years only with my husband.  That might sound strange to you, but people that cannot walk by themselves will understand me, how great it is to be able to walk independently, without looking for the security of the hand of the loved one.

But then coming home it got even better.  I was not able to wear my favorite shoes with 4 centimeter heels for the last four years, but didn’t want to throw them away because you know…favorite shoes, right? And there the next miracle.  I was walking like before I got sick – without limping.  My husband confirmed the consistent clicking of my heels, because I could not believe my ears.  I did not want to take my shoes off for the whole day, because it was pure joy!


Because of what just happened here, I want to thank you for giving me this hope, which quite frankly I had given up believing in.

And that without the strong medication that other people take.  My doctor wanted to send me to rehab for Parkinson patients.

When I see the terrible cases, I feel horrible and I can’t switch it off.  I can’t stop thinking that I am doing so badly/poorly also, even though each case and severity is different. The mental state is also so important.  So no way I will ever go into the rehab, because YOU are my rehab.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, until the next time.

Loving regards also from Kale. Elisabeth