I was involved in a car accident on January 5th while traveling between 50-55km/h. My head grazed the roof of my car at the top left of my head. I awoke the next morning to find a significant amount of whip lash related pain. I found the pain to be lingering and never really went away, just changed in severity based on the activities I partook in. Back, neck and shoulder pain were the worst when I was sleeping, sitting in class or standing for long periods of time. I had difficulty focusing at school mainly due to the headaches and back pain, with the neck pain being a contributing factor. I found the pain started to disrupt my learning after about 30-45 minutes.


When I left the first healing session the back pain, neck pain and headache were completely gone, the shoulder pain had switched shoulders. After the second healing session the pain was definitely going away for good. The pain I would experience from my normal daily routine was taking longer to start to hurt and the pain would be less when it would hurt. After the sessions the pain would always go away and no new pain areas would arise. The pain has not completely disappeared but the pain is only around a 1-2 and takes significantly longer to develop. As well, the pain will actually go away on its own now. After five healing sessions there has been some noticeable change to the pain I experienced from my crash.



The back pain has disappeared completely and would only reoccur after repetitive movements. By the second session the pain in my right shoulder had gone away completely. After the first session the neck pain was gone. After the second session the neck pain still felt a little stiff, but it had gotten better. I experienced some tingling/numbing sensation in my left hand possibly caused by the seatbelt/shoulder injury affecting my hand. After the second session both were completely gone and have not reoccurred. I had a headache from the whiplash. The pain was excruciating after waking up at 9am on January 9th. After the first session the headache was gone and the second day left me feeling good. The next day my headache didn’t really bother me and after the second session my headache that had slightly developed throughout the day had gone. I also found that the pain caused me to wake up in the middle of the night. After the first session it was still painful to sleep, but took noticeably less time to start to hurt. My sleep has gotten 80%-90% better, with less waking up in the middle of the night.


Thank you,