For four years I suffered from Cox’s osteoarthritis that had progressed to the point that an operation was urgently needed. I was mentally prepared so well by Karin that I went to the hospital completely free from fear. I was able to tell Karin the exact time of the operation so that she could accompany me during that time.


After the operation, the surgeon personally came to my bed and said, “There was an amazingly relaxed atmosphere in the operating room. The operation went off without bleeding, the muscles were so relaxed and everything was so soft that you really couldn’t regard it as an operation, but more like an ayurvedic intervention. This allowed me to carry out a leg balancing on you so that you will be able to go barefoot in the summer.“


After a couple of days I had hardly any pain, so I was able to rapidly cut down and quickly stop taking the painkillers. After three weeks in rehab my house orthopaedist (himself a surgeon) said while looking at the latest X-ray, “The prosthesis fits perfectly – first class job.”


After just 14 days of rehab I was able to do away with the crutches.


For me it’s like a miracle.


I thank you dear Karin with all my heart for your loving support.


74 years old
Hamburg, Germany