August 19, 2016
Dear Karin,
I just went to my cardiologist yesterday and received unexpected news. He said my condition has worsened and my blood is leaking back into my heart through my aortic valve at a greater rate. He is planning to do a test on August 31 and said if his findings are confirmed, he wants to schedule me for open heart surgery sometime soon after. This all may occur just before you come to Cleveland. I feel drawn to ask what you are seeing, because I feel connected to you and in the Pure Source. What do you believe would be helpful? R.P., Ohio


I am so sorry to read about your condition, we can work on that and see what we can do about it in a session. I will connect with you and your heart in the Pure Source.


August 23, 2016
I’m doing very well after the session with you. On Wednesday my trans esophageal echo Cardiogram is scheduled. I would like to have another session with you before that and want to give you an update. My heart seems to be steady and I’m trusting that as I breathe into it the healing continues.
I am sensing though, that something is blocking my feelings. You mentioned sensing emotional hurt when you worked on me. I feel like my affective awareness is turning on and off. At moments I feel in touch with my feelings and feel what for me is my normal sexual energy. At other moments, I feel like I am totally in my head. It seems to be coming and going. I am naturally a feeling person, so not having that sense makes me feel like a stranger in my own body. I am also feeling a little mentally foggy today.
I am looking forward to being with you next week, and am hopeful that all will be well as I open and heal.


It would be normal to be more aware of what really is going on, especially since the heart is also an emotional organ. What you do is just notice what you notice, if you think you are present, I guarantee you that you are controlled by your brain.
In the present moment (your power-point) are no thoughts.
If you are thinking you are, just notice that and it will bring you back into the present moment.


Yesterday I began to develop flu like symptoms. Aches and chills. I used your healing frequency meditation. Last night I was aware of frequencies around me, and awakened several times with a sense of itching on my face and prickly feeling on my feet. I just breathed deeply noticing them and connecting with the pure source. I used the meditation again this morning because I awoke feeling some sinus pain and achiness. Again I am feeling better. I continue to breathe into my heart in preparation for the test on Wednesday. I’m feeling a sense of peace about it.


Thank you for the update, going through a detox after the session would be normal, I am looking forward to connect with you again in the Pure Source on Tuesday.


August 31, 2016, Thank you so much Karin. The test went better than expected. No surgery is required. I was ready for whatever happened because of your work with me. I listened to the recording just before going to the hospital. In love and light, R.


Congratulation, that is true self healing! I am happy to help you to come into your power point……
As always with Love and Light, Karin