Nick’s World!


Several years ago I went through program with Karin. I was in deep trouble physically. In my travels I had picked up many parasites, worms and other “ugliness”. I had dropped about 15 kilo, had breakouts on my skin, temples and lips. I had worms crawling out of my ears…and my organs were beginning to fail. It truly was an ugly mess. Two years later I am still alive and quite healthy with no residue of the former problems. To this day people comment on how good I look. Thank you Karin!


However, I have had other issues crop up, some of which I have for many years. My work can be very stressful as I still travel globally. My energy level has been low lately, and the stress has been wearing me down. My neck, middle and lower back have been giving me lots of pain at times…especially my neck.


Last week I went into program with her. And yes, there is a significant difference in the techniques. How did it go? Well, I can tell you I am sitting here at my computer with virtually no back or neck pain, my energy level is high and I am finding it is still increasing, even though the program is over. (She told me this would happen…now I believe it!) And, I feel quite balanced with my physical, mental and spiritual energies. I have more work to do with this part…and I look forward to some more assistance in this realm.


Being a research person, I used a monitoring technique at the same time, Infrared Thermography. I wanted to see if I could monitor my progress in a physical way. What you see below are two thermal images of my upper body. The first one is of my body when I first started the program. You will note that the thermal images are at exactly the same setting. (This is important from a scientific point of view.) Below the images I provide a brief description.




The left image is one day 1 prior to starting the program. I had been feeling cold, and when this happens I know overall I am not well. You will notice the body actually is overly warm, like a fever. Proving I am out of balance. Notice how warm my problem neck and shoulders are! The middle image is after my first session with Karin. Note the overall temperature has dropped and become more balanced. I was already feeling warmer in my body. Notice as well the right (problem) shoulder and neck region changing. The right image is taken on the last day when completing the program. Quite a difference! I am even more balanced and my shoulders and neck has improved even more.


These images were in complete alignment with how I was feeling. I indeed felt more balanced, not just physically but mentally and spiritually as well. The body pain, as I said above, has reduced significantly. Being a technical person to see these images in complete agreement with my “feeling” is a real boost to my belief system!



I can say, what Karin has been developing, I hope she continues, because for me the changes were not over many months as the last time…but in 5 days!


With Thanks and Gratitude….keep shining your magnificent Light!


Nick, Canada