I thought I would give you an update on my health and related events in my life. As you know, most of my health issues, with your assistance and intervention, have been rectified. I am still on my healing journey and as you have told me, there is no magic pill, life is a journey. With saying this, I am now in the best health I have been in for 20 years.




There are two interesting conditions that have come from the healing. First my body is so very sensitive. What I mean by this is if I am doing something that does not agree with my body I get signals right away to stop and straighten out whatever it is, or how I am overloading my system. It is my health barometer!

The next one is a real gift, but also very personal, but I do feel I should share this with you. When first coming into program I was not in a relationship and was not interested in developing one. I had been married for 22 years and now that I was single again, I really did not want another significant relationship. My sex drive was almost zero and the few times I had sex, it was difficult to get an erection and especially to keep one during the sex act. And, I rarely if ever got an orgasm.


Since the program so many things have changed. First and foremost, I acknowledged my anger surrounding my X-wife and have made some great steps toward healing the feelings. Next I have opened myself up to having new relationships. I always enjoyed being in a relationship but because of my anger, poor health and my lack of sex drive I denied myself this.


At first the sexual side was ok…but not great. I felt my performance was mediocre, as my healing program progressed so did my sex drive. To the point where I feel like I did when I was 25 years old. Yes, I said 25, not 40 but 25. (I am 56!) I always had a very strong sex drive and enjoyed making love. I never thought I would ever get it back to this extent. In fact I have to say I do not think I have ever had this strong a sex drive. We can make love for hours and I can have multiple orgasms throughout.


With my sex drive returning it has been interesting because I end up talking to others about this, or should I say people are talking to me about it. I had no idea that this is a common issue with many men and women. I thought it was only me who lost the drive. It seems so many in their 50’s have lost the spark and think it can never come back. I am living proof that this is NOT the case. I now look forward to having a loving relationship and making love until I pass to the next dimension.


Once again….THANK YOU. My life is getting better and better all the time.