“I keep getting these tingling sensations in the areas of my body where I have accumulated cellulite, upper arms, thighs, buttocks, belly…I finally realized it’s the Issues in my Tissues working their way out…now let me add Perfect Weight and Youthing meditations and see what happens!!!”


“This is a truly exceptional Meditation Healing – Health & Wellness. It is vibrant, full of life and extremely empowering. I felt so vital, energetic and alive throughout the rest of my day after listening to this.” This is really, really powerful, thank you!!!


From the first time I listened to Karin’s Healing on Open Receiving I actually felt a shift in my energy. It was as if I started drawing in energy all around me. It felt as if all the cells in my body started to absorb this incredibly soothing and loving energy that was enveloping me.


“What a gem Karin’s Christmas gift of the Health Meditation is. It never ceases to amaze me how gentle and easy the journey with Karin in her healings and meditations are, yet how deeply and powerful they work. Throughout this meditation, my skeletal system is adjusting, these little cracking sounds and movements which I have learned to love and appreciate and then she brings it all home with letting you sit in your pure connection with pure source. So divine, so loving, so light and so empowering. BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!!!! Thank you darling Karin…”


“We are currently on a 3 month seizure free stretch. I believe this it all because of the clearing meditation being played nightly.”


“Karin’s Industrial Strength Clearing is amazing…it has lightened and brightened my home and me. I put it on yesterday and kept it playing in the background overnight. I slept through the night for the first time in weeks.”


“You have given us the greatest present of all, I truly know now how very special I am!!! The meditation is fantastic and as you are expanding – so are we, thank you.”


“I feel “free of limitations”


“It is so wonderful to hear your voice and to have these meditations!”


“I want to say the morning meditation has just been fantastic.  I am expanding, becoming more and more centered and feeling calm and loving… Thank you so much.”


“Thank you also for the helpful meditation recordings, which continue to accompany me in everyday life.”


“Best sleep ever – the tone of your voice, your frequency is so very relaxing, that I fall asleep within minutes, thank you Karin.”


“The pain body healing revealed a very deep pain point, which I now may also confront in the light of the healing process for the first time. This has brought a change to my existence in the world.  I clearly feel the potential for liberation, actually feeling the courage and capacity to grow beyond “my story” and to step into my brilliance.”


“Pain body program – it is somehow different than your other programs. It seemingly moves things… It reminds me of… It forces me to look at things once hidden… It pulls me back and yet extremely in the now…I feel stabilized, resurfaced and aligned. Wonderful, what a great effect this “vibrational alignment” has.”


“Throughout the whole process, I feel very much in the moment, my mind has been very quiet…”


“Dearest Karin, I could see myself from the spirit room in this meditation, what a wonderful experience!”


“This is fantastic, I just heard your clearing meditation and it’s such a beautiful experience!”


“It is so nice to hear your voice and have these meditations!”


“The pain body is rather in the sleep mode.  I feel a new power within me, one that does not get drawn or pulled into the ups and downs, more stable.  Thank You!”


“The program somehow has a life of its own…

I wanted to thank you for the last session, I feel much better.

Everything is harmonious, playful, easier to understand, simple …”



“Yesterday’s session was very intense for me and has given me essential experiences that I can continue using for my good. Last night I felt relaxed and much strengthened.”


“I got the pain body II meditation download and listened to it last night. The meditation was very intensive and good! “Thank you so very much!”


“Many, many thanks for your wonderful gift of this meditation. I appreciate it and am very grateful.”


“Yes, this meditation is in a vibration higher than the predecessor, very pleasant in the voice and the space that you give. The gentle “disembodied” vastness and silence that arose in me and spread out, an experience I had only felt on the inside of my body, now expanded to the  outside my body as well and felt most beautiful.”


“In meditation I felt calm, but then I began to play.  I put the issues that now lie ahead of me in motion with the meditation and waited for what was, somehow… somewhere… and behold, slowly I felt here and there, a sigh or a deep breath hiding… The more I released, the reaction became less intense and more neutral which was interesting as well.  So simple and so gentle…”


“I thank you for this other way to expand more into my true being!”


“I feel blessed and blessed and it is just wonderful as it expands out!”


“I slept six hours straight and it feels great. It is like I am waking up from a deep sleep with nightmares, now I rub my eyes and try to understand the new reality.

It was all just a bad dream and life starts now! THANK YOU!”


“I felt very relaxed, just like the first time I did this meditation. I was increasingly weightless, felt shrouded, secure and connected; saw the glittering Ocean on the edge of my cliff and a broad horizon deep under me. On the jump down I was light as a feather floating, soft landing on new unknown land; a pleasant vibration unknown to me welcomed me, again, applause! This time everything was consistent, the pace, the process!  I find this experience very helpful in opening me up to the “magic” of the new age and to deepening my awareness.”


“I jumped as if the salvation of my desire and longing were in the freedom to jump and I landed at my source, in the garden of creativity, wealth, and with my

Soul mate’s hand as if he’d always been there. It’s almost like going home. It feels good and I’m taking it now into my dream.  I am thrilled and grateful.”


“It was wonderful!”


“I had the cliff meditation playing in my ear, and as you said: “Let go of all tension in the jaw,” the dentist pulled out the first fat root, the rest was easier.  I had you there live…Thank you!!! I felt your support.”


Karin keeps expanding and breaking new ground with her meditations.  I facilitated a recent workshop using the Healing Space Meditation and it is still having powerful effects on all who participated.


Karin continues to be on the cutting edge with her meditations…The healing that is needed just seems to magically appear at the right moment.  The healing meditations are so powerful, go deeper and deeper and get stronger and stronger that one can’t help but wonder, where does it go from here?


Thank you so much Karin for this amazing powerful healing, and the flashlight to see what is lurking in the dark, the awareness giving me power, safety and security. It massively changed my life!!!