Experience report W. Burckhardt, MD


When I look at the previous year and at my earlier spiritual efforts, more has changed in the past year than ever before in my 47 years of life. After 20 years practising as a doctor, to give up my practice last year because of burn-out that resulted from a combination of workaholism and helper syndrome (which is typical …) – I have since then been unable to work in my profession and was thus faced with what was, for me, a completely absurd situation. For many years I had ignored all the signs and impacts and now it just didn’t work anymore. I even thought a few weeks ago that I might not be able to work in a medical or therapeutic capacity ever again. It is almost a miracle that I was able to have these experiences with Karin. To be precise, currently I’m so in the now, so grounded in the present that my perception of opportunities has multiplied. In the seminar we learned to trust this perception and learned that we are able to activate the same in other people, and about ourselves in relation to the highest and purest energy of self-healing – and do so, as Karin often says, effortlessly. Since then I regularly talk with the above mentioned girlfriend about our experiences with these forces and we treat one another and exchange ideas about it. Starting tomorrow we will explore in a larger group of seminar participants and learn, but it has already been proven to me that I will integrate this work in my medical practice, because I feel with great intensity and clarity that it will benefit the patients.


Another very, very important realization for me is that people who, like me that want to treat others, whether physical therapy, psychotherapy, medical, healing practice, or, or, or, – should actually see themselves as a facilitator, not as a giver, because this desire is admirable but it always creates a kind of account with the person who is being treated and this account can never be compensated and inevitably leads to energy shifts, which are neither favourable for the one who receives or the facilitator. The art of transferring energy, of opening up, through recalling existing sources of energy leads to an increase in one’s energy level, benefits not only the person who receives but also the one who facilitates. For me this has been a groundbreaking discovery and what I needed to be able to work again.


Thank you,


W. Burckhardt, MD