In 2000, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease (chronic inflammation of the bowel). For several years I had all of the related ailments such as permanent painful cramps and diarrhoea, inflamed joints, weight loss, weakness and general malaise. I had conventional medical treatment with immunosuppressants, Pentose and cortisone as well as hospital stays.


2007 was the first time that I received treatment from Karin. The ailments considerably improved at that time and I was able to set aside all the drugs such as immunosuppressants and Pentose and have since then never gone back to them. In the meantime, however, there were always setbacks and relapses, and I had to ask for Karin’s help again, something that helped well for a certain time. I have also have made many changes in my life among which the most important thing from today’s standpoint was probably the modification and control of the constant “mental merry-go-round”.


In 2011 I had a strong relapse again. I was permanently ill from January through October and I could hardly digest any food properly. In addition, I had heavily inflamed intestines (the inflammation score was over 200). I also visited conventional doctors at that time. When it was too much to bear, and the doctor wanted to refer me to the hospital because there was a risk of a perforated ulcer. I went back to being treated by Karin. The inflammation score fell after only a week from more than 200 to 15. The doctor also thought it was quite amazing.
Since 2012, things have been going steadily uphill. In general I can live a “normal life” again thanks to Karin. That means I can wake up in the morning without pain, work all day long, walk the dog, and eat almost normally. I am very happy with this situation after all the suffering. My body is still a little sensitive. After the diagnosis in 2000, they told me that I would have to retire early at the age of 30 because of the rapid progression of the disease. Now that is unthinkable.


From the standpoint of conventional medicine Crohn’s disease is incurable and I should have simply resigned myself to the persistent nausea and the pain. Despite that, Karin has managed to make a normal life possible for me. I know other people who were sent home with the “because there’s nothing you can do and you’ve got to live with it” diagnosis. I highly recommend treatment with Karin.


Dear Karin, thanks for everything!


Kind regards


Katja, Germany

34 years old