I just wanted to let you know that I LOVED the 21 day healing group in December and January.  I ended up getting an $8,000 bonus at the end of the year!!!!! The most AMAZING person has come into my life!! He is intelligent, successful, super fun, has an amazing sense of humor and is so genuine.


Karin’s 21 day Group Healing is an incredibly affordable way to experience a truly remarkable ongoing healing session with Karin. The more I participate in these group healings, the more accelerated the process becomes, the deeper and stronger the connection.


I was in your group healing in July, which was very powerful…

This time, however, its wow, I feel as if I am in your personal program.


I’m magnetic, I am guided, and everything around me is blooming. My clients are growing and have such gratitude … I am expanding more and more.  Thank you also for the meditation!


Bright eyes beautiful skin… Joy… Cuddle and embrace more… Beautiful…


My experience in this group meditation is in the literal sense, as if as if I were extended and surrounded by a pure cover, it feels, as if I am in a personal program with you!


With the group healing there is no room for fear. I could keep relatively stable in higher frequencies and feel immediate positive results.


Group healing effect is still lasting, I feel so “fulfilled”, feel such gain in strength.


This group healing was very intense for me, making “visible” old patterns of communication having to do deal with the fear of confrontation with people close to me. Now, at the end of the group healing, I am amazed again, how transformative the frequency boost acts. In addition I feel energized (great!), (re-) aligned, connected and I need less sleep. Big thank you!


I want to thank you again for the opportunity to perceive the way how a group healing unfolds day by day. It is wonderful to follow the impulses of the moment and to feel the change, to see and recognize, which manifests itself in the group.


I have made this wonderful experience. I felt hidden, hidden became visible, has been shown in loving attention and Mindfulness has been integrated into deep deep love. So it was round, perfect, full, healthy and Holy.


This is a very fine, very loving, very careful and attentive work.


It takes place without words, and arises out of the moment.


I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to experience pure source in my life, I feel myself becoming and coming into myself, my whole being. What an incredible gift and what an incredible journey life has become. Thank you Karin and thank you spirit.


I have to tell you, that I have more energy than I ever had. I go to the gym and work out so hard and I can’t seem to wear myself out.