Instead of hospital ready to go dancing!



I have been having extreme pain on the right side under my ribs as well as my middle back. The day I was to meet with Karin was especially horrible! At 6 pm I had an awful attack and was ready to drive an hour to the hospital. I decided to wait it out to speak with Karin and tell her that I was going to see a “doctor”. The instant I started skyping with Karin I could feel relief. I also suffer from panic attacks on a daily basis, and I was having a massive panic attack at the beginning of our session my chest was very tight and my energy extremely low.


I told her how my body was feeling and amazingly the pain and panic disappeared!!!!!! My chest felt as if a much too tight shirt was taken off and it expanded, I cannot put into words the feeling I felt!!!! At the end of our session I felt like I could go dancing!



Janna, 33 year old mother of 3 in SK, Canada