Something within has been awakened, I feel as if every cell in my body has come alive! AMAZING! For me, this is what it is to be truly experience being ALIVE!


My own personal experience working with a partner in our group is that my chronic discomfort in my hand that I have had for many years is no longer.


The seminar was very enlightening, rejuvenating, and I love the simplicity in the delivery of your message.


I received a new sense of self, of my own gifts and how I can be more of a contribution… my own healing and that of others. Beginning to learn to facilitate your clear, evident method of healing is exciting, amazing and necessary to the healing of our planet.


The simplistic approach and direction you teach with has already impacted my body and spirit immensely and has brought a deepening of joy and ease to my life almost immediately. I have up leveled my own self-healing capabilities as well as learning a new approach to assist my clients to tap into their abilities at a deeper, more sustainable level which creates greater personal responsibility for us all


I had heard of and read of people possessing the power to heal but never thought for a second that I might have the same power. A huge heartfelt thank you goes out to you, Karin, and to the group for letting me see the possibility.


The feeling of well-being afterwards is impossible to describe.


When I arrived, I was still recovering from a serious illness but by the end of the first day, I felt rejuvenated & very much alive for the first time in 5 weeks. As I became aware of what to be aware of, I felt inspired, alive & healed.


How I describe my experience to someone who will be taking the basic seminar is “Life Changing”.


I have had the most amazing feelings since this seminar, I feel like I in a sense have come awake. I have let go of so many judgments on myself and others, I have been receiving many new amazing clients in my counseling business and am able to start implementing all of the new amazing tools I am learning.


All participants were visibly more radiant after the seminar. I feel so much better and happier.


The seminars were outstanding and further promoted growth in regard to well-being, knowledge, and love. As a medical doctor I use it in my practice daily. To perceive myself more and more in my true essence is the result of all of this.


The CEO’s I counsel calmed down and I believe were also impressed. I became very confident and felt as the facilitator for clarity and focus of the essential… Also my counseling has changed once again; my impact on people appears even deeper. Not only this but with my partner I can be much more clear.

I am persistently impressed by the impact and have the feeling that the New Year is going to be quite wonderful and bright.


The glitter, sparkle and shine of the light, love, peace, and the eternal truth that you are!


I feel a deep blissful gratitude within me, a peace that touches me – I feel connected and for the first time I experienced that my spirit really loves me, as if the direct link was only possible now! You are really working miracles – and since the experience yesterday I really feel loved and cared for by my new best friend – my spirit… Heartfelt thanks.


I feel confident that I will be able to use my new-found knowledge of healing on my friends and family.