In Feb 2010 our 3 year old son Ezekiel was hit by a car. He sustained serious injuries including several broken bones and the most serious were the injuries to his head and brain. He was in a coma for more than a week. He is now 5 and has healed fairly well. He is left with small tremors through his entire body. The doctors say it is due to lingering damage to his brain in either his central or back lobes. It made it difficult to button his shirts, spoon food into his mouth or stand while peddling his bicycle. As well, Ezekiel also developed a habit of speaking in this baby voice. He seemed to do this when he wasn’t feeling comfortable or confident.


About 8 months ago we went to see a neurologist, who after running a series of tests on Ezekiel. We were told there is some lingering brain damage there was nothing we could do. Maybe he would get better in the next year or two, or at some point in his life, or never. At the suggestion of my Dad, we set up an appointment for Ezekiel to talk to Karin, who does energy work. It was a long distance energy work to heal the damage to Ezekiel’s brain and in particular the tremors through his body. We knew nothing about what this energy work was, but hoped whatever it was she did, it could assist his brain to heal.


After talking with Karin, she suggested that we enter a program as a family, not just Ezekiel. At first I was resistant to this, as I thought, there is nothing wrong with me, and it is my son that needs the help! Initially, Karin did a series of meditations over the phone with my wife Ashley. The focus was on Ezekiel, but also encompassing my wife, myself and our older son who had witnessed the accident.


Amazingly, after the sessions with Karin the tremors have all faded away, and he rarely speaks in the baby voice. His emotional and physical confidence is at an all-time high. He’s buttoning his shirts with ease; spooning soup without spilling a drop and standing up to peddle his bike. One of the tests the neurologist had done was to get Ezekiel to rub his left heel on his right shin. It was nearly impossible for him to get his heel anywhere near his shin without missing, and could not do it at all in one motion. That exercise alone had really showed us, how affected he was by the tremors and how it actually ran through his entire body, and not just in his hands. To see that tremors that were severe fade away to nothing is truly amazing and we are so grateful to have found something that could assist our son in healing the damage caused by the accident.


We also realized during the sessions that it was not only Ezekiel who was affected by the accident, but the entire family! There was a lot of trauma and guilt, affecting the entire family especially our oldest son Elias who witnessed the accident. Elias had become less affectionate, and became more violent towards others and himself. We are happy to say along with Ezekiel; Elias has brightened up and feels more vibrant, open and caring. This healing experience has been an absolute gift for our entire family! Ezekiel is doing things the Neurologist said would not be possible. He has changed and improved in ways we never expected. Healing took place of which we were told we could only wait and hope for.


During one session a most wonderful thing happened. Ezekiel describe that everything around him was all bright light he asked how he could get out of the sun bed! So amazing!!! For this we thank you Karin. I cannot express how grateful I am for this entire experience! Lastly, as I mentioned, our entire family has benefited from our time with Karin. My wife and I have been growing apart, arguing more and more. With this family sessions we did with Karin, many things came to the surface and I am so happy to say, Ashley and I are closer than ever, we are a team once again. And, of course, the boys have responded as well. The fragmentation is gone and we are truly a family again. For this I cannot tell you tell you in words how grateful we all are.


Thank you again and again, this is so amazing Karin!