I don’t know how I endured so much suffering

I want to thank you for everything that you do for me. Everything is phenomenal and I constantly have to shake my head about what a blessed human you are, with your unbelievable abilities. I simply am speechless.

I can feel the positive changes inside of me. I can even laugh like I did in my earlier years. I have finally woke up from this nightmare. But I could already feel the changes prior to the group healing on January 1st, 2018, and I think it must have been because you received my picture earlier. Circumstances that normally would have taken me under, did not affect me in the same way. Thanks to your work, I remained stable in my being.

I don’t know how I endured so much suffering, but I never lost hope that there would be salvation for me. And then I met YOU! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Karin. You are a God sent present. I am looking forward to meet you every day.  With Love, G.,1/13/18


Since the beginning of the group healing I have stopped taking antidepressants…

Again many loving thanks for your amazing work that is keeping me mentally so stable. I now can feel myself as I was 21 years ago, before my beloved twin flame died and it feels so absolutely fantastic, even though I am not completely free from detox issues.

 (I had depression for 21 years and terrible panic attacks with suicidal thoughts) and now I feel a thousand times better. I don’t take supplements anymore, don’t ask me why, everything is happening just like that!

I noticed that my appetite is way down and I even have to focus on eating and that also was the case 21 years ago. But very, very important, I can sleep well again even though I am in menopause, but no longer experiencing the symptoms. Also on the body level I feel positive changes. The legs, especially feet feel freer and everything is tingling so beautifully.

Mentally I feel like I felt at 20 or even younger. Because I know how much your work has helped me and finally allows me to live a fulfilled and happy life, I want to attend some of your seminars in springtime. I would also like to be part of the group healing in February and then start up again in June, so that your therapy remains sustainable. I am in transition now and want to orientate myself completely new.    With Love, G, 1/15/18



The walls around me are starting to lift and dissolve slowly, layer by layer…

I want to thank you full heartedly for the 21 Day Group Healing. The whole time I feel so much power and wonderful energy and being strengthened and carried by such beautiful energy. I am surprised how I can manage in this time both emotionally and physically with so little sleep, full of energy in my not as easy situations in my job, with so much work, and mastering difficult conversations with my superiors.

I am so thrilled and thankful for your wonderful work. The walls around me starting to lift and dissolve slowly, layer by layer. In my energy field I can feel certain spots that are like a dense sticky mass that is starting to dissolve and it is very impressive to me. Even though there are not really satisfying solutions in my job, despite conversations, resistance and trying to apply myself, the situation somehow feels very different, it is very difficult to describe. I recognize very clear patterns from back in my childhood here. Feeling trapped by others through their overbearing power, I now wish to break through. That is why I am looking forward to the final day tomorrow as it will surely give me more consciousness and power for the next step.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in Germany and there are again so many interesting themes to choose from. Full hearted thanks to your wonderful work. Loving Regards, PS


21 Colorful Days…

Namaste and a heartfelt thank you for your accompaniment in these 21 days. Like on your home page the crayon color…movement, bringing that in that is how I perceive this…a cocktail of feelings: physical changes, an ocean of colors, as consequential synchronicities on the outside, dream information, also inner resistance on some days, but from the beginning perceiving your voice as familiarly intimate (smiling to myself), now…the feeling of being at home! Which through those times of strong changes on the outside was perceived as a breath of release. Also today on the last day…pulled everything to the point, focusing in on security…now thankful to be part of this group and in your care…as part of the Pure Source (because how can I connect even stronger and be part of the ocean)

and knowing that whenever I need help that I can turn to you.

Thank you, J


I could spend all day with your meditations…

I thank you for these wonderful experiences of the 21 day group healing.  I feel enveloped by love and light. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was looking so forward every day to the meditation and the meeting of the group in Spirit. I could spend all day with your meditations. It is exciting to see the changes in my everyday life. Inside of me I feel deep love and connection, feel embraced. S


Final Day of 21 Day…

This was the greatest finale!  See you again in the 21 Days in February.


I have been looking for peace in my brain…

This was an amazing time. I hope that my healing abilities will develop even more. I have been looking for peace in my brain for the past 40 years, but these 21 days were absolutely, absolutely fantastic. I will continue daily with selected meditations and connect with the mastermind because there are no limitations of time or space. Surely I will dissolve a few more layers that are still restricting me. I have the best results when I am standing up. That is when I become so present and my body is acting with movement, my arms are going up or I rock back and forth. I am looking forward to an even better presence and remain with heartfelt regards. D


Confirm the deletion of old patterns…

Such power, brilliance and clarity on this the final day of the 21 days. Seeing through the patterns, really knowing it is now up to me, my Spirit and the ongoing connection to Pure Source. Such simplicity, yet so very powerful! My heart resonates with such gratitude and love. Thank you for these precious, priceless gifts that I will continue to utilize ongoing, so I can confirm the deletion of old patterns as I continue to become even more solid in my body. Thank you darling Karin, from the deepest part of my being. SK


These meditations seem to be customized for me…

The 21 day meditations are the highlight of my days!

Thank you for the wonderful library of meditations.  These meditations seem to be always customized for me!  I have never been more inspired to participate in life!

Relationships, finances, health, everything, even areas I didn’t realize that needed attention and viola  …it just works.  Amazing changes, Thank you!

I am so looking forward to the next 21 day events! NH


The connection was so personal and powerful…

Thank you so much for the beautiful meditations and your frequency work during the January recordings.  So many times, I felt you were speaking to me alone, the connection was so personal and powerful.  I could feel things draining out of me and the fullness of the frequencies entering in. I know I still have work to do, but I sense the progress and the opening continuing to unfold.  I look forward to seeing you when you come here to Cleveland this summer. 

I hope you have a wonderful, abundant time while you are away and I look forward to the recordings when they resume in June.  R


The best day of my life…

On day 3 – I experienced for the very first time the best day of my life. It was a quiet observation that came from somewhere inside that I had never experienced before, just a knowing, coming from a place of being. So powerfully moving to know what that felt like for the very first time in my life. Here we are on day 7 and I have spent my day observing so many different realities that I have experienced.  How can one be in the physical yet still be observing other realities? Feeling so pulled as to be drawn into them, yet standing my ground in the present moment, feeling more and more solid in my body. Thank you, K