Two weeks have passed since my session with you that started so many processes.  It feels somehow strangely comfortable when my hand touches my neck. I feel unity throughout my whole body. When one hand is holding the other it feels so much more vital than before, the energy now feels like it is flowing in the right direction.  I notice a strong flow of electrical current and my acupuncture points start to pump at touch, where normally it took a while to feel any of it.

I can stretch and expand my body much better. Altogether my body is much more flexible and softer.  Often I look at my hands and happily notice that my hand lines are being written new, the ones on the left side stronger.

I am amazed about the memory particles:  I feel like I am a vessel that contains a liquid and somehow you have stirred this up vertically and now those particles are circulating to the left and right in a butterfly shape moving down to where I can’t notice them anymore.  Sometimes two particles meet each other on the upward movement that I can study and notice the connection to each other.  Another time two other particles meet, then one goes to the left and the other to the right, moving downward and even then it is possible to make total new connections.

My joints are so happy, my hips are coming into freedom more and more. The bars in my chest space have opened up into freedom. The gray space that I had created in my chest space, allowing nothing to enter for a long time, is opening up, and now that area is light and the size of a red cherry pit is blooming, feeling more relaxed.  The bend in the chest space is gone, and my breath no longer just stops in my chest space, but flows into the lower abdomen.

But most beautiful, the peace within myself which lets me notice:  Before there was war, deep confusion, dominance of wanting to ignore, together with the feeling of something short before an explosion. Only do I know now for the first time what it really means to be grounded, in spite of having worked hard to attain that state over the past four years – finally be born at age 42.

Thank you for that connection, and for all the days I spent since this session without looking at the clock. Before I always asked myself how could people work for 40 hours a week when the week did not even have 40 hours? I can only say wow, wow! The changes are exhausting and even frightening and bring me into my body, through which I am guided to the source of tightness and when I notice the feeling in detail, it just flows away.

In deep, deep, gratitude Manuela.