Physically, I’m fit, but my body was depleted from parasites, fungal infections and bacteria. During the past 10 years, I have been fortunate enough to travel to exotic lands such as India and Sri Lanka diving and seeing the world; some situations were pretty primitive. Other symptoms for the past few years include chronic inflammatory pain throughout my body, stiffness of joints, chronic nausea, diarrhea, lack of appetite, increasing booming heart palpitations, sore throat, fatigue and a history of black outs. Medical investigations had come up with no solutions or answers for my symptoms, so I just kept pushing on.


By the time Karin and I began working together, my body was in a crisis state. Over Christmas, Karin and I agreed to work together, and, what a great Christmas gift. Karin informed me that I’d been running on sheer willpower for a long time; that was so clearly true.


My healthy diet, (or so I thought) was not adequate as my cells were not absorbing the nutrients, so Karin began with a major cleaning up of bacteria, fungus and parasites. I followed her instructions faithfully knowing that this was the most important thing in my life. Then we began to dig deeper into the good stuff, as she called it. I can hear her laughing now.


With the healing I was receiving I was more open to receive all healing and light. As I advanced with Karin, she was gently preparing me for the news that I had an aneurysm in my brain, which was the cause of my serious blackouts. I felt fear arise for just a moment, but knowing the truth of healing already received, I was able to let it go.

I recalled to Karin how on the first day of program, I felt movement in my head and skull, like she was in there with a hammer and chisel doing work. Over time the aneurysm began to diminish in size, and then disappeared. So did the diarrhea, nausea, chronic pain, stiffness as well as my desire for coffee, alcohol and anything not bringing vital energy.


Physical manifestations and healing in my body continued, but Karin and I had more work to do on another level. Some years ago, my fiance died tragically and just a year ago, another greatly loved man died after a terrible and lengthy illness with cancer. My physical, emotional and spiritual connection to these two events was still very much present and influencing my life trapping me in the past. Karin helped me understand this, and began to help me close up these holes with spiritual cleansing and tools.


My body is healing, my spirit is soaring and my soul is experiencing joy, real joy for the first time in many years. I am able to make wiser decisions regarding my business, daily work, and with those I spend time. I have learned how to not absorb negative energy from others and how to take care of myself. I know my clients will see a change when we recommence work.


Donna Mitchell, Grand Cayman