I won’t bore you with the medical diagnostics or details. The only concern to me at that time was that I did not want to undergo traditional medical intervention. Instead, I was very curious of Alternative methods. The services that Karin provided indeed captured my attention. Karin guided me though my medical transformation back to perfect health. I am very pleased to say, that I am now more alive and healthier than I have ever been.


Early 2013 our paths would once again come to unite. A dear friend of mine residing in Kamloops mentioned Karin was offering a Basic Seminar for those interested in SelfHealing at Lightspeed. With no hesitation, I enrolled and participated in the class.


Much to my delight and amazement, I completed the two day basic seminar. I experienced healing before my eyes and on a personal level my hand that has been in chronic pain for years has no discomfort at all!


I have been on a life changing path and also completed the Advanced Seminar. Since participating in the Advanced Seminar, I have had amazing results with friends that I reached out to and mentioned what I was doing. The astonishing part of this is that it WORKS! Measurable RESULTS! We can all do this! We can all further develop our abilities of what we all have naturally. We can facilitate this wondrous gift that we all hold and have access to.


Darlene, Vancouver, BC