For several years I couldn’t sleep through the night, had pain in my feet and legs, back pain, the neck was hurting, sciatic nerve pain, my finger bones and wrists were hurting, couldn’t concentrate, very irritated and moody, often with a very unpleasant heart palpitation, couldn’t laugh anymore. All of that had also a very negative effect on my marriage.
I was highly skeptical, but also know two people that were diagnosed as incurable and untreatable, that both went through Karin’s program several years ago.


It seems like a wonder to see both ladies completely well and healthy.


In one week already I started to feel lighter and 50 % of my list of complaints had disappeared, just gone!!!


I do now understand that what looks at the end like a wonder, really took my own willingness to do the required homework, I was forced to look and feel what I had successfully forgotten and suppressed, my beautiful teacher has the ability and knowledge to reach deep into ones bone marrow, bring to surface once rotten, useless programs and help to free oneself from these burdens.
I then realized that my body had been sending me signals for years or even decades, about not being agreeable to my lifestyle. This was also the first time in my life that I got concrete direction about my daily life. Integrating my breathing, changes to my diet including delicious recipes, changing of sleeping pattern, feeling of unpleasant feelings, changing my thought process and much more are the tools that will also help me to be responsible and independent in the future.



I thank you with all my heart.


Corina Bauer
Berlin, Germany