Breast cancer – tumor shrunk without surgery and chemotherapy


A year ago, a checkup found that I have 2 lumps in the left breast. This was, of course, a shock to me because since 1986 I have been on the spiritual path. I have practiced spiritual Yoga for 20 years, was a member of a spiritual school and always consciously worked on my personal history! I am convinced, however, that nothing terrible will happen to me, and that each experience is a valuable lesson that I must be willing to “listen” to. Once I overcame my initial shock, it was clear to me that this diagnosis was a blessing in disguise. I had and have faith that I am not the “victim” and my cancer is “not against” me, but that I needed and received this “message” to understand.


After a terrible biopsy of 5 tissue samples, I was in the hospital where a CT scan and an MRI were done. The cancer was aggressive, but growing at a slow speed (G 2) and had not spread; and fortunately, the tumors were small. In the opinion of the two different doctors I consulted: the first one suggested a six-month chemo and then an OP, the other the same, only vice versa. I knew this is not my path.

Luckily, a friend had told me about Karin and her experiences with her. Well, I was spontaneously open and three days after my radiological investigation, I had my first Skype date with her! That was instantly amazing! The first thing she said was: you will not die of breast cancer. And she said that in such a way that I have that confidence now – it is true.


I had distance healing remote sessions with her for 2 to 3 weeks and have attended two of her seminars. I worked with her on some deep-seated and cancer-related issues, which was very powerful and remarkable. She explained to me that my “spirit” would show me the next steps with my increasing frequency! And that happened.

I now understand the cancer is there to counterbalance the self-denial, to bring the not yet transformed to the surface and to “empower” me: I feel more alive and energetic, my true self becoming visible to me and others. I always had a very critical side; especially a critical mind filled with self-doubt and self-judgment, always suspicious of the esoteric. Two sessions with Karin were particularly significant: she twice removed energies from my tumors, which where wandering energies or implants. Since then my self-critical internal controller has pretty much relaxed, as if something has gone that kept controlling me all these years. Enormous! I believe this also halted the aggressive nature of the cancer. And it was a vital, liberating release of my subjective confinement.


Yesterday I received a great message: after half a year of working with my gynecologist, a new ultrasound examination confirmed my own findings: the more conspicuous tumor is shrunk from 1.6 cm to 0.6 cm, and the smaller one on the breast has dissipated. This progress makes me very proud. Two enlarged suspicious lymph nodes are again completely unremarkable and the armpits are well irrigated.

I hope to give anyone with a diagnosis of cancer hope through my experience, to seek your own individual path, to really listen and feel what is right for you and to stay true to yourself, regardless of what others are thinking. This will really empower you.


Claudia, Germany

July 2013