Aura and Chakra Reading

We have below a before and after of one of my clients. He has been kind enough to let us use the information from an Aura reading that he received from a local clinic. Since it is energy work I do, he wanted to see the effect of my work with him on the energy chakras his overall energy. When he completed this process he was amazed at the difference he saw. Now, he also had physical changes as well, but I just want to present this aspect, since it is not something that I have done or even considered previously.


We all know our bodies are made of energy and it is reasonable to assume that this energy does indeed extend from our bodies. But, I do want to say at the outset, that I make no claims one way or the other as to the validity of the Aura technique. I just want to share this interesting information.


Most of you will know an aura is the energy field that is believed to surround every living being (including plants and animals). In general, the more colorful, cleaner and brighter the Aura, the better and more spiritually advanced is the person. Also, the more uniform the energy distribution in the Aura, the healthier and more balanced the person is.


This first image was prior my doing any work him. You can see his overall energy is low, his aura and chakras were not fully balanced. His Yin-Yang was unbalanced, disharmonious, left-female and right-male energies needed balancing. He was quite stressed and low in energy. His mental, emotional and physical energy was low.



The next image was after 5-days. Immediately you can see the change! The overall energy is much higher, the aura and chakras were still not balanced but his Yin-Yang was much more harmonious. The stress level was very much reduced, even though he has a very busy week at work. His mental, emotional and physical energy had all increased significantly. He already knew this as he had expressed this to me even before the second reading was taken.


I hope you liked this. To me it is additional information that helps in our understanding of the power of the universal energy of which we are a part of.


If any of you have an interesting experience with your healing journey, please let me know. It is always good to hear from you and find out how you are moving along with your life changes.


Karin A. Haemmerle