3 years ago I developed a terrible cough that appeared every morning and would go on for 2-3 hours at a time, during which I could not talk, work, or do anything, and was in constant horrible pain. People could not stand being around me.


Being an opera singer and a voice teacher, this was a major issue in my life. I went to all the best doctors and did every possible test, but no one could pinpoint the cause of the cough or how to treat it.


Karin was highly recommended to me by someone I really trust, so I decided to give this journey with her the benefit of the doubt. I had nothing to lose.


From the first moment I really liked Karin a lot, and the conversations with her were very thought-provoking and a lot of fun. I  had a session with Karin every about 3 weeks, I also did one of the 21 day group healing meditations during which I had one very powerful experience. From session to session I could feel the improvement, and after a few months the cough was completely gone, and it never came back since. It was like a miracle to me.