Question: What should I expect when you call me?

Karin: After we have discussed your wishes, I will lead you through a relaxation meditation (a kind of body scan), in which you will be connected with your body. Through this, you will become more transparent, and it will become easier for me to work on you. My task is to divert old frequencies, which come from stressful circumstances and are no longer useful for you, to create space for higher frequencies. My work on the different levels (physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual) begins with the first minute of our conversation.


Question: What is the best way for me to prepare myself?

Karin: Please expect my call in a quiet, comfortable place, so that you will get the most from the session. Arrange things so that we are not disturbed during the process, so that you can be truly engaged. Even if it is not necessary for me, it will still strengthen our session if you relax 15 minutes before our session and bring yourself into a meditative state.


Question: How does this work at a distance?

Karin: The space in which I work on you and your “Spirit” functions according to other laws. On the quantum level, we are all connected to each other in our essence; the sacred information of the pure, formless consciousness is not limited by space and time and is transmitted faster than the speed of light. For me, it’s not important whether you are in the same room or on the other side of the world.  Everything is made of frequencies, and these can be changed by the consciousness.


Question: Are you a quantum healer?

Karin: I am often called one, but I avoid this term as much as possible, because my program is, above all, about activating the self healing ability. A healer is someone who was sick and becomes healthy, and an especially good healer is someone who was critically ill and quickly becomes healthy.
I think of myself more as a facilitator of higher frequencies, which is to say that I lead people into these frequencies, with which I have already connected myself, and accelerate the healing process in this way. The frequency of the receiver will be lovingly heightened as much as they allow.

For those that are interested in quantum physics as a foundation for quantum healing, I can recommend several following books on this theme. For example, I gladly recommend Dr. med Deepak Chopra, Quantum Healing or Prof. Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, for example What Our Cells Can Teach Us (Interview with B. Lipton). Or other pioneers like David Bohm, one of the most distinguished quantum physicists in the world, and the neuroscientist Karl Pribram, whose various research findings about the theory of the holographic model of reality made it possible for many difficult to comprehend phenomena that previously eluded scientific understanding to be interpreted. Among them are telepathy, precognition, the mystic feeling of becoming one with the universe, and even telekinesis, the ability of the mind to move objects without touching them.


Question: What exactly do you do?

Karin: I work with frequencies/vibrations that can be changed to our benefit-and this on three different levels. I navigate through the body, bring our “spirit” (higher self) closer to and within us and connect us again with the pure source.


Question: What should I do?

Karin: Use the simple tool that I give you, play with it, try it out, invite your new friend (spirit) to be part of your life, connect yourself with the most pure universal source, become aware, be attentive by noticing what it is that you are noticing.


Question: What exactly do you mean by “spirit”?

Karin: Thanks to our spirit, our body breaths, our heart beats, and millions of other processes go on without our control or notice, because the fact is that without the “spirit”, the body cannot live. Some people have also had experiences with so called spirits. That is to say, roaming spirits, such as the souls of the dead, which then possess people and siphon off their energy. I am also able to remove these foreign energies.


Question: How long will it take for me to be healed from my illness?

Karin: That varies significantly from person to person and is connected to the “agenda” of this life and past lives. The “spirit” decides what healing it allows and when it happens. I never make promises, but know from experience that healing always takes place on different levels.


Question: Why am I so tired after a treatment with you?  Why do I always have to yawn during the meditation?

Karin: Yawning is a wonderful way to let go of old, low frequencies, as crying can be as well. After a session with me, listen to your body. If you are tired and feel a need to sleep, follow it. In sleep, your body can continue to work on the new input, which is very beneficial.


Question: I became sick after a session/workshop with you, why?

Karin: This can be a part of the change.  Some of us go through a detoxification process in different areas of life, which can be very uncomfortable for a time. Another example of this is a cleansing treatment, in which stored toxins are flushed out of the tissue and cells.


Question: How can I identify that I am connected with higher frequencies?

Karin: We feel it very differently from person to person, for example, with prickling, warmth, in some cases, cold as well, sometimes even as wind or water, but generally, it feels completely natural, because we originally come from the high frequencies and feel truly at home there. In the condition of this expansion, we experience a pleasantly peaceful and comforting feeling and come ever more into a nonjudgmental state of neutrality, which also opens new perspectives to us.


Question: How do they concretely affect my live, aside from the physical change?

Karin: Things and circumstances begin to change in almost magical ways, and that with ease and without affect effort! The level of consciousness expands and though this, all of these unbounded possibilities can manifest in our lives.



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